What We Do

Conways, as China's most industry leading and forward-looking summits held group, involves in industries including energy, transportation, IT, finance, law, FMCG, luxury goods, medicine, , etc. Our goal is to establish an interactive platform between domestic & foreign enterprises, the government, and important NGO’s. Our powerful consulting team hit more depth and breadth of the strategic analysis with their rich expertise. Top level of industrial topics and summits organized are guaranteed.

In addition to all-sized and customized industry summits and functional conferences, Conways also provides continuous, professional and systematic proposals for enterprises in updating progress. One-on-one team planning suggests more advanced formulation for you with more practical demands.

Supported by influential associations, government officials, illustrious experts, etc., all summits from Conways bring influence through Asia, even worldwide. Conways is a long-term partner with the Ministerial level officials or government.

  • Our business philosophy
    Pursuit ofexcellence, Mutual Benefit and Win-Win, Integrity & Trust
  • Customers & Us
    Satisfy customers’ expectations as the basicduty, how to over-fulfill and bring more potential values for customers is ourgoal.
    We are committed to be the Asia largest Business-to-Business platform driven with future value, mainly to provide a win-win and consolidated bridge through various communication channels.
Social Responsibility
  • Environment & Protection
    As the global economic development and environment is worsening now, environmental problem has become the bottleneck of economic development globally. In order to keep sustainable economic development, enterprises must bear the burden of protecting environment the maintenance of natural harmony. We invest significant efforts and resources in R&D to produce different topics related environment protection.
  • Technology & Innovation

    We are committed to devote more time to create platforms conducive to the social developing and progressing. For example, to carry out economic and technical exchanges domestic and aboard, to help companies to find an innovative ways to improve. . Scientific and technological innovation reduces energy consumption and the economic efficiency of industrial enterprises is further improved. Technological progress will bring the healthy development of the society.

  • People & Us

    People are the valuable wealth of the society and also the supporting power for a company. We value people we have, and we promise to create a better career future for them.